Daily care of the face

Each woman strives to maintain its charm, and each is in its own way. But why not all able to spend a few minutes on the 4 steps to routine personal care. You can always experiment with her hairstyle, you can spend money on expensive outfits and the advice of a makeup artist. But neither the clothes, elegant, or skilful makeup and a new hair cut does not pay for the healthy appearance of your skin, the younger face is oval and will be back the small wrinkles, it is that they treacherously give the age of the woman.

care of the skin of the face

The first signs of dryness of the skin (wrinkles near the eyes, around the mouth, neck) remain quite often we go unnoticed. Years to thirty appears to be the anxiety and reluctance to recognize that the time it takes. "We must do something!" - we say to ourselves, but often why postpone it to later the care of your skin and coniecto only then, when its color is dull, deep wrinkles, sagging skin becomes flabby is not as clearly follows the lines of the face needs lifting. And we run to the beautician with the hope that, as a magician, all of a sudden, will give us the youth and we will be fine. Yes, aestheticians can, but this does not remove the need for daily home care of the skin of the face. It consists of 4 steps:

Step 1 - the Purification

Clean the face need, the morning and evening. In the morning, it is the preparation of the person to receive the makeup, the evening of the night cream. During purification are deleted scales of dead horny layer of the skin, stale sebum, as well as products of the life of bacteria. In the evening, cleaning removes the residues of makeup, dirt, which has fallen on the face during the day, purified, the skin will be ready to maximize the perception of the night cream.

When washing any type of skin is not recommended to use soap - it's too degreases, and after him appear dryness and irritation, and soap too greenhouse of the pores of the skin, not enough to qualitatively cleaner. In addition, the soap is for laundry, it violates the normal the acidity of the surface of the skin, destroys lipids (fats) of the skin's barrier, preventing the propagation it pathogens.

The face should be cleaned with the help of gels, foams, cleansing milk. They upset the acidity of the skin, penetrating deep into pores to completely dissolve the particles of make-up.

Step 2 - Toning

After the cleaning of the face must necessarily rub lotion (lotion). Toning is an important part of your care routine on the face, the skin of any type, it must be done after each cleaning twice a day, morning and evening. Fake notice that the tonic needed to clean the oily skin. And that most of the alcohol content, the better it is. Even if the surface of the face is very oily, preference should be given non-alcoholic tonics. Alcohol is not only sche normal and dry skin, but it enhances the activity of the sebaceous glands of the oily skin. The dry skin should also be treated a tonic after the cleansing, the only difference is that the tonic must be selected for this type of skin.


  • removes with the surface of the skin with detergent residue and make-up products;
  • moisturizes the skin, improves tone;
  • exerts a mild anti-inflammatory action;
  • normalizes the acidity of the surface of the skin;
  • cleans and tightens the pores of the skin;
  • preparing the skin for further care.
face care at home

Step 3 - Hydration and protection

The day cream apply in the morning or in the afternoon, under the makeup, and without it, about half an hour before going out. It is necessary to put not only on the person, but on the neck.

The film, produced on the skin after applying the day cream, protection under the skin suffers from to weather factors in the external environment, dust and dirt. In addition, the day cream prevents the evaporation of water from the surface of the skin, helps to maintain a sufficient level of moisture.

In the creams usually, contain different active ingredients. According to their content and the different ratios day cream apply for different skin types, at different times of the year. In the summer, you must apply a day cream containing sun glasses, the filters of the substance, reflecting or absorbing uv. They will protect the person damaging action of the ultraviolet light, which leads to the "photodegradation" of the skin.

Step 4 - Nutrition

In the evening, after cleansing and toning, apply "night" cream. Night creams belong to the category of "nutrients". They are chosen depending on the type and condition of the skin.

The night cream is applied 1 or 2 hours before bedtime; if it absorbed not completely, the remains must be damp cloth. As in the case of the day cream, it is applied not only on the person, but on the neck area and décolleté.

Never apply a nourishing cream for the face on the lands around the eyes. Night creams are too fat, their composition and the consistency is too "heavy" for this delicate matter.

All movements, such as during purification, toning of the face, and during the application of creams and masks must only be carried out in the direction of the lines of least stretching of the skin: the midline of the face to the aural sink. Wipe the face only blotter movements, do not hold out your skin.

To complete these main steps of skin care, you can masks, mechanical (scrubs) and chemical peels, and others But the need to apply it every day is not.

Care of the skin of the eyelids

Particular attention each day require the skin around the eyes - it is thinner and sensitive, a little of the sebaceous glands, it is of great resistance. On the eyelids easily formed of the swelling, the sooner are the wrinkles. The application of makeup and the removal of fatigue, and irritates the skin around the eyes. Therefore, the cosmetics, affixed to this zone must be of the highest quality.

Creams for eyelids are very light consistency and is well absorbed. It should be applied morning and evening after pretreatment century.

Do not apply on eyelids creams for the face. For the skin around the eyes, use only specially designed for this area of the tool, tested ophthalmologic control.

Apply and remove make-up with the era of gently, respecting the directions of least stretching of the skin (under the eye movement should be directed towards the nose and above the eye towards the temple).

Clean the eyelids with gels and lotions. Protect the eyelid skin from the sun, choose the tool with filters for uv.

Care of lips

The skin of the lips is very thin, always open to the effects of wind, sun, frost and dry air. There are no sebaceous glands, so it needs the moisture and nutrition. The steady reduction of muscles of facial of the mouth contributes to the formation of wrinkles around the lips.

In the night, and also when you do not apply cosmetics, use products of care of skin of the lips.

Attention, so that your lipstick contains moisturizers, emollients, and components, vitamins and uv filters. Generally, these requirements meet lips for the companies, and they are quite expensive. But remember that the lipstick is not only lies on your lips all day and a large part of you ate, so good lipstick not to apply the penalty.

Care of the skin of the neck

The skin of the neck is very delicate and thin, it is prone to dryness, softness, rugosities, consequently, hydration and nutrition, she needed already in her youth.

care of the face mask

Gradually, care of the face in the morning and in the evening, necessarily don't forget the neck. Behind it, you can take care in using the same tools that treat the person: clean the milk cosmtique, wipe the tonic, apply the time-of-day cream. Some cosmetics manufacturers produce special funds for the care of the nape of the neck. They differ in that does not leave traces on clothes.

If you learn how to take care of their skin, it will not take much time. Do you pay a 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening for cleansing and toning, day, to hydrate and, in the evening, for the power of the skin.

Your skin is responding positively to these procedures, but do not expect instant effect the next day or a week. Persistent changes in your appearance will occur before one month, so that each new cage, it must pass the full life cycle, which is 28 days. Do not wear a face care of a weekend, when you're more free. Only the daily life of the attention, that will reward you smooth, elastic skin, who for many years, to retain his youth.