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  • Isabelle
    Goji Cream with extract of Goji berries of one of the most effective among the baths of funds. Come back already 3 times. Light cream, soft, very quickly absorbed by the skin. My combined skin approached very well. The sebaceous glands are working in the same mode, so needless to shine on the face does not appear. The cream well tightens the skin, improves the tone. Approximately 50% of the wrinkles were gone from his face, and the rest is pronounced. The cream is in the packaging ergonomic, thanks to their practice. The skin is rejuvenated, it is visible!
  • Nathalie
    Super effect goji cream, did not expect, but rather just needs a good moisturizer that could be used at any time of the day. Put the cream on the face and before going to work, and before bed. Moisturizes the skin to perfection, and it is very prone to droughts. The smell of the cream like. Depending on the consistency, it is not very greasy, absorbs quickly. Would you say smooth out the wrinkles, I'm not sure, I use it relatively recently. Perhaps, after a long time of use, the effect will be visible. But until that its properties I like.
  • Martine
    About the goji berries of various heard, but products with the ingredient has not yet tried. Goji Cream came to me quite quickly. Love the light texture and pleasant smell. Until the wrinkles have not disappeared, but the skin is more beautiful. So sweet. I have dry skin, so this cream is well-fed and well that I am prone to allergies to these tools, but this cream went over well.
  • Marie
    I never thought that the cream can be to get rid of wrinkles and not only, without an excess of painful procedures in beauty salons. Happy and that there are no side-effects and contra-indications. Bought goji cream above all, do not hesitate to ask several months instead of the usual cream. The face toned and fresh, разгладились wrinkle in the corners of the mouth and eyes. I would advise everyone to try and enjoy life as me.
  • Isabelle
    I've never tried goji berries, but it has had the time to buy a cream with the extracts. The bays are generally very beneficial for our body, particularly relevant to the age of the skin of the face. Soft cream, almost like a fluid. It is quite easy, does not clog pores and does not leave shine. Under the makeup falls very well, but noted that on him for a long time, hours 3-4 maximum. Every day, in the morning and in the evening, dishes of cream of wolfberries on the whole face (even around the eyes and on the eyelids) for almost a month. The results are good. The small wrinkles have disappeared without a trace, deep, it is not as pronounced. The face of the more elastic, the skin smooth. I don't believe in miracles, but the action of the cream, just beautiful. At this moment, more effective ways to fight against wrinkles I've only met(except for the injection). To support the result, it should always be used, to some extent, causes a dependency. The consumption rapid, too much even. Lack just a month. You can, of course, apply locally, but I have prevention put all over the face. The composition of a good, the action is excellent, the price is good. Love these tools, with extracts of goji berries were being sold not only through the internet.
Comments Goji Cream