Rejuvenation at home: how to quickly rejuvenate the skin

Rejuvenation at home

Good and happy for you the time of day, my dear readers! I admit, I don't like to look like at her age. If someone (even after a sleepless night, unreal fatigue or unnecessary emotional upheaval) gives me my forty, or more, for me, it is a serious cause. A reason to make themselves and with the greatest zeal to run "back to the future".

When my honest answer to the question of the age, I see the reaction of the type "can't be!", for me, this is not an excuse. Opportunity to get even more amazing results. In short, strong reasons.

A little more about the physiology of the skin

Our skin is nourished primarily from the outside and the inside. Of course, a healthy diet for a beautiful skin - it is extremely important, but now, I do not have.

Nutrients to the skin provides the blood. You won't mind that skin without a good blood supply does not appear too attractive? Remember, what color is the hand that you are "lain". And if constant blood flow to the skin leaves something to be desired? Yes, it will not help you cream!

And now, attention! after a certain age of 90 to 95% of women leaves something to be desired. The remaining 5-10 % of women just above it work all the time. A person who uses a living room dear and beauticians, and someone at home.

The good news is that you can easily enter into this few the group of beauties, who do not hesitate to his age. Has to hesitate about the person will give it to you!

And for the appearance of the skin is incredibly important lymphoid fluid. The lymph is the liquid that is colorless, that we used to call it sacchive. I'm not going to enumerate all the functions, I will only say that it binds the blood and tissues of the body, is involved in the elimination of toxins and, alas, very often, is stagnating. Externally, it is expressed in the pockets, which with age tends to increase.

The causes are many, but the most of them, you can eliminate them. Let us and let's begin.

First method: hot

drink and small sips

I'm going to ask you almost the heart of the question: the last time you sweated all over the body? And, as often, this happens to you? If after a few days, or less, then you certainly have a lot of toxins, and the place of the stagnation of the lymph.

Unfortunately, the modern people sweat very rarely. I am reminded of the words of Oleg Gazmanov, which repeats at every opportunity: "Once per day, you must sweat". Agree, Oleg seems very young. And in this great merit of its simple recipe.

Of course, the ideal for your appearance, if each day, you will sweat with the help of the physical load. Good, so 1-2 times per week, there will be steam. But often, what is ideal for numerous feasible with difficulty. So what to do?

I share a secret.

You will need 0,5-0,6 liters of hot water (but not hot, if you dip your finger in this water will be hot, but bearable; in a word, a little more than 40 degrees). Here is this water, you should drink little and gulps and you cover easy sweating.

Surprising, but the greater part of the morning to edema, you can take this simple action. And some will not remain without them. Then, the shower or the washing and fresh skin leather trim is ensured.

I will say more: sweat does not only external, but internal effect of rejuvenation. The lymphatic system is activated, the toxins leave the skin. This is a short physical stress to the body, which is very useful. Yes, and the thinness of this technique will be very useful in water decreases the appetite, purifies, promotes the release of the intestine.

Carry out the procedure in the morning. In the morning, we just need to compensate for the lack of water after the night, which can represent up to 1.5 litres (the truth, the average is 0.6-1 litre).

And don't say you don't have to drink so much water at once. Drink! If so scary, start with 0.3 liters (but here, it is a guarantee that you sweat, not). But the next day, exactly can enjoy the necessary pint.

It is important! Do better on an empty stomach. When the stomach is free, the water leaves very quickly, it won't stretch out.

Try. The first time, it may seem that this is not very pleasant. But then, a habit, and even enjoy it. Also, the hot water can wake up more effectively than coffee (it is true that avid coffee drinker say). That, however, all naturally - how can you to sweat and doesn't wake up?

Second method: oily

As at the meeting with a friend I haven't seen, she asked me: "you smear the face? Not a single wrinkle! I've already doroguschy cream touched". It must be said that it was a period of my permanent nedosypy young Sonny at 4 months slept not very well. And yet, I have received a question, a compliment.

I answer: "smear" of oil, mainly olive oil or almond.

Second method lamaslany

And I do it 5-6 times per week instead of the cream in the morning. Find a skin smooth, velvety and hydrated. And the immediate effect! And now a little more.

The fact that it is enough to spread the oil - good, but not quite. The oil nourishes, but does not hydrate. Moisturizes the skin of the water or its derivatives (e.g., decoctions), oil creates a film, which perfectly retains moisture on the skin.

This is why I first I clean the skin of ice from a decoction of chamomile, and then on damp skin, put the oil. Often at the same time moisten the hands of ordinary water, and the top again once the oil. Then carefully I'm getting wet skin with, of course, after the procedure, he needs to Shine.

You can then apply the cream, but I do it mostly in the summer, using the lungs of creams with a sun protection factor. In the winter, I also, sometimes, put the cream on the top of the oil, but rarely. And it is always the least expensive national brands. However, I regularly get questions such as the one that asked me a friend. Therefore, the method works, and how!

The key, in order to protect the skin from the sun, it is always necessary - and the winter is not an exception. Therefore, the solar, the effect of the olive oil will be very useful. Yes, yes, it has an SPF-a factor of 4-6. Not a lot, but for our gloomy winter, this is often enough.

The cost of the oil compared to the price of the creams is minimal. I buy a bottle of oil, cold-pressed (so-called Extra-virgin) for 0.5 litres, and I've had enough of its at least 9-10 months, and this is because I sometimes I add the oil in salads.

A small note pro hair. Apply the oil on hair, it is a folk remedy care. And works, moreover, the tool. But if you butter" is still wet, dried hair, the effect is simply sumptuous!

In general, judging by the comments, oil is one of the best ways to keep the youth, do not get out of the house. But it was on the compulsory presence of moisture below know little. Thus, use, and decorate the world!

What is the relationship with the oil the blood circulation lymphatic treatment, you will understand.

Third method: stroking

the mini version

The mini version

If you have little time, the oil can be applied for 1-2 minutes as the plain of the cream and massage (simply caress) massage. They are on the image below:

Finish the massage attachment, which is called "finger shower". It is the tapping of the fingertips on the entire face, neck and décolleté. And the skin around the eyes is also pampering the fingers because we are tapping slightly, without pressure.

It is, moreover, very pleasant. I'm doing this "shower" sometimes, and the day, even over makeup (clean hands, of course). The mind relaxes, and the skin - energize.


And finally, to share another way of massaging the face, which I often use. It is normal to shower. Of course, there are some nuances.

Massage the face of a shower is necessary, aiming the spray towards the top. That's for sure! If you are not able to cause harm to anyone, even if you do not know the massage of the line.

The temperature of the water is desirable fresh, but still comfortable. The water pressure is sufficient, I do the maximum (to tell the truth, your shower can have a too strong current, so guided by her feelings). A duration of 5 minutes, until a rush of blood to the skin. There is a sense that the person comes to life. And in the mirror you see a proof 🙂

Massage using the soul to have a good rate of 10-15 daily procedures.

Agree, this is elementary, as all that is listed above. Try the effects of my little rejuvenation program visible almost immediately. And measurement of your efforts, it will only increase. It is so nice to make and receive a visible result. And regardless of how many there are in the passport - to- 35, 40, 50 or more, these figures have nothing to do with you. I sincerely wish you the fastest and most beautiful change!

I think, I do not come back to the topic of rejuvenation of expensive, lethal weapons, because it is interesting to several. And don't forget to share the article with your girlfriends - do not be afraid, compliments, enough for all 🙂 When a woman to another woman to raise their attractiveness, it was nice. Mystical, proven on himself

Be charming, and the next time, my dear!