The rules of care of facial skin after 40

The age of 40 years, most women consider to be the critical, so-called "border" between flourishing and fading. But not quite, and the air so bad, if you organize the care of the skin after 40 years, thanks to our advice and recommendations. The modern market offers a large number of cosmetics providing a means for face and the body. How to choose among the full range of those who agree to the woman in particular?

The causes of the decline of the skin

face care after 40

Thanks to his discoveries in the field of medicine and cosmetology, the modern woman, in contrast to the representatives of the previous generations, know that becoming older does not mean aging! There are reasons, very real changes of condition of the skin.

  • Hormonal disturbances lead to a decrease of the amount of collagen produced by the body of a woman, who, in turn, leads to loss of the elasticity of the skin.
  • A decrease in the ability of the epidermis to retain enough moisture promotes dryness of the top layer of the skin.
  • The replacement of old cells with new ones slows down effect of the reduction of the speed of their division throughout the body due to the lack of suitable solutions for hormones and trace elements.
  • The reduction of the functionality of the sebaceous glands makes the skin more sensitive and the earth.
  • The decrease in the number of workers of the blood vessels in all layers of the skin is the cause of the disappearance of the healthy flush on the face.

Know the main causes of changes in age, you can determine the most important to clean the skin and develop a plan of care for the face and neck after 40 years.

Hydration from the inside and the outside

Dry skin becomes with age, more often among the owners of the normal, velvety, with small pores and dull the skin in the youth. To prevent the onset of the drought, it is necessary to organize proper care and hydration with young people (25-30 years old). If the skin of a person 40 years old has become too dry, it is necessary to maintain the balance of moisture all day:

  • to drink in the day at least 8 glasses (1.5 litres) of non-carbonated water;
  • protect in summer, all the exposed areas of the skin from the sun, apply a facial moisturizer with a SPF protection of 15 and a high rate;
  • use during the cold season protection creams and foundations that provide protection to the person from wind, frost, snow and rain;
  • try the winter to support optimal moisture and temperature in residential buildings (you can use an air humidifier);
  • give preference to warm the soul, not relaxing, warm, the thermal baths;
  • use daily moisturizers cosmetics for mature skin (moisturizers, gels, masks, serums) that maintain the natural hydration and helps the cells of the "drink" on the outside.

To get the maximum effect, the restoration and maintenance of natural processes beauticians recommend choosing anti-aging, a series of tools for the skin of the face from a single manufacturer. The range of products provide care all day on the best scheme where each product not only functions, but complements and strengthens the action of other components.

Down with the wrinkles!

The skin of new-born baby is updated each week, as well as the formation of new cells and the promotion of the surface of the skin occurs in just seven days. With age, the discount rate downward. The laws of genetics in the biological clock of each person asked the length of its cells. But today, created tools that help the body to speed up the update mechanism and get rid of the old keratinized cells.In order to reduce wrinkles in women after the age of 40, you need to:

mask for the face
  • use the tools of gentle peeling for sensitive skin 1-2 times a week (scrubs, masks);
  • apply nourish and repair masks with antioxidants (vitamins A, b, c, Coenzyme Q10);
  • stop smoking because smoking promotes the appearance of wrinkles and the dark color of the person;
  • add a daily care regimen of skin creams and means of intense exposure to the skin, containing hyaluronic acid, collagen, vegetal, acid fruit, seaweed extracts, gingo biloba, green tea.

All these elements help the skin retain natural moisture, stimulate the process of collagen synthesis, provide elasticity and restore the protective functions of the skin. Tools, with such unique properties, provide the most rapid and visible by a lifting effect cosmetic, elasticity, freshness and healthy color of the face.

Return the color of youth and health

The hormonal changes, the age of the disease causes the deterioration of the color and the condition of the skin, with which it can be controlled entirely at the disposal of the natural methods. But before we begin, it is useful to make a consultation with your doctor. In fact, sometimes, the puffy eyes, under-eye circles, redness of the skin, age spots can be a sign of illness, that is in the initial phase of development.Every woman after 40 would follow a few tips.

  • Eliminate the swelling of the eyelids, you can use a cream eyeshadow with hydrocortisone.
  • Get rid of dark circles under the eyes will help with revitalizing cream to the eye lids with retinol.
  • Brown is easy to fade after regular use of a mask with a whitening effect, comprising a white clay, cucumber extract or juice of lemon.

Women after 40 years, it is recommended to follow the development of the skin, appearance of pigmentation, warts, moles, other blemishes that bother. For your peace of mind is advisable to consult a dermatologist or a cosmetologist and move to a survey.

Possibility of the right makeup

It is difficult to blame the 40 year old woman in the inability to apply makeup, but sometimes, the errors in the use of make-up products do not mask the changes associated with the aging and imperfections of the skin, and, conversely, the stress.The success of a good make-up initially depends on the right selection of cosmetic products for the specific type of skin and the appearance.

  • The asymmetries of the tool. For mature skin, you must stay on the base tonal fine or medium density with a reflection effect, but without glare. All colors of tint tools are applied on the skin just after the moisturizer at least 30 minutes before going outside. In 40 years, it is necessary to dispense with pencils, markers and sticks, which create a heavy effect. Application of the tools accompanied careful of starting up to the disappearance of the borders and of their application
  • The powder and the blush. Better to use the cream to powder, dry powder emphasizes wrinkles and blemishes of dry skin. The makeup artists recommend that women after 40 choose the powder about 3 shades lighter tone of the base, then the facial skin will look fresh.
  • The effect juicy create red lips-to-lips cream-based moderately red. The dark colors make the lips thinner, and the lips are less visible, and "lost" on the face. If the upper lip appeared wrinkles, it is mandatory to use the outline of a pencil to lips to avoid rastekanie lipstick.
  • The glossy effect of eyes will help obtain a smooth contour pencil and mascara for the eyes only in the last century. The abuse of the outline made of the eyes in the least, and a lot of mascara on the lashes draws attention to the problematic places, "crow's feet" and makes the makeup a mess.
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The main rule of make-up for women after 40 – "measure". You can't use the colors and how they enjoyed 20 years ago, it may seem vulgar and even vulgar. Each night, you will need to remove the makeup special means for your age, who have the option of a healing effect.