Skin-care – without make-up: 7 homemade recipes

For the care of the skin enough to a minimum of natural means, and the cosmetics companies will not care about our beauty and our health and their benefits. As well, considers the expert of the harmony and sobriety of the life of Dominique de Loro. Here is how he proposes to nourish and cleanse the skin and maintain the beauty.

care of the skin of the face

Facial treatments: less is better

In the care of the skin is also working with the rule according to which spending less guarantee the best result. Most are sold in the shops of funds spoils really the skin.

To clean your skin, find a good, gentle soap with glycerin and honey. Use in the evening, to remove make-up, even if to this day you have gone without make-up. The dust and dirt to eat in a protective film, which is produced by the skin (why the skin takes on a yellowish tint), and the skin need to breathe.

But on the morning of soap it is not necessary. His best friend — ice-water: after the washing, japanese stroking himself on the face 150 times, in order to stimulate blood circulation and improve the complexion.

Then, the skin should feedaccording to its state: if the air is moist, it is almost nothing is not necessary. If it seems tight or dry, one or two drops of oil preheated appearing using palms of the hands, will be sufficient. Generally, what is useful, beneficial and skin: olive oil, sesame, almond oil, avocado oil. The remains of the tea, imposed instead of the lotion, protect the skin with it contains natural oil, clogging the pores.

Machete on the skin of oil, bring this action to a massage. This day-to-day procedure, should study, understand and apply. On the only face it has more than three hundreds of tiny muscles, and if the massage, the tissues remain in place. It is very important to apply these techniques of mindfulness, because the state of mind in which you take care of the skin, and the effect on the result. If make a facial massage with love, the skin becomes more beautiful: the epidermis and the hair, operate in close relationship with the body, the environment and thoughts.

Last tip: the sun is the enemy of the skin is the number one. Protect yourself against him, the hat and the sunglasses to avoid premature wrinkles.

The skin does not need soap, or lotions, or creams, to be clean and soft. It is necessary to clean and nourish. Avoid chemicals, oils, lotions, all the excess. Beware of traps, placed in the cosmetic industry. The leather and the digestive system can absorb anything we give it, and suffers it in the blood.

The best care for the skin — it is a healthy diet, adequate sleep, water, and... happiness. All the rest is secondary. Skin care, it is appropriate to limit deep of the purification, of the power and depth of protection. Ask any beautiful woman, which she uses to care, and she was likely to reply: "Oh, yes, almost anything!".

7 beauty recipes


Cut the small red beans and pour water, holding in the palm (volume — a teaspoon), and then rub gently into the skin in small circular movements.

In a period of two to three minutes, rub your face with the inner face of the skin of the papaya, or mango: these fruits contain beautiful enzymes, solvents, dirt in the cutaneous fat (and also the fat in the body). Manufacturers of cosmetics often use in their products in small quantities.

Deep cleaning

Boil 200 grams of water, add 2-3 drops of aromatic oils (lavender, lemon, etc) and organize a steam bath for the face to open the pores, then apply a mask house for a face: 1-2 coffee spoons of flour, mixed with the same amount of yogurt, lemon, rice vodka and the infusion of different roots. Almost all fresh products in the refrigerator have a therapeutic effect. Test and judge.

Food, water and sleep

Try to eat only fresh products of the industrial past of treatment.

Drink mineral water for... contained in the minerals! (The water — the best cosmetic.)

Go to bed at midnight and sleep for 6-8 hours every night. The excess or lack of sleep is bad for our health.

Include in your diet soy products: they help you maintain your youth.

Learn to recognize and choose care products: cereals, fruits, spices.

Young face

The dark circles under the eyes and swollen eyelids can serve as signs of lack of energy caused by problems with the liver. These symptoms disappear without trace after the rejection of the abundance of food, spices, meat, meats, salt, sugar and saturated fats. A small amount of apple cider vinegar can restore the light color of the skin: every day for a month, drink 50 grams, diluted in water, vinegar, and you will get a wonderful result.

the rules of care

Massage your face with the oil, focusing on the areas around the eyes, to activate the circulation of the blood (three times, from corner to corner of the eye needles of a watch three times in the opposite direction). Then, do a bit of gymnastics for the eyes: lower the chin and look first at the top then on the sides.

The more you look in the mirror and don't hesitate to of its kind. It is as well that you will be able to get results.

A list of tools

Another way to apply the apple cider vinegar. Diluted in a little water, it dissolves soap scum, as on the skin and in the hair. A bottle of vinegar, soft soap, a good oil, shampoo and conditioner should be the only health care means to your bathroom.


A woman who has found "his" foundation, is able to conquer the world. Buy quality foundation and make sure that it is the most discreet possible. Apply it on the area of the eyebrows and the nose, as well as under the eyes, in small quantities, from the tip of the fingers, do not rub. If distributed more uniformly, view, you will have cabotin. Similarly, the excess of any substance that closes the pores of the skin. Here, too, with less money, you can get great results.

For dry skin

Eat a half an avocado per day and for ten minutes, use a teaspoon of puree on the face is wonderful and the effect is guaranteed, try to) add them in the bath of glass of sake with three drops of oil.