The care of the skin after washing the face: recipes for masks, tips and rules

The procedure for cleaning the face, apply for a long time. Not the trouble of thinking, if it is intended exclusively to the fight against the young eels. Skin problems can expect throughout the adjustment period of the body, particularly associated with changes of splinters or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In the risk group pregnant women, the ladies on the threshold of menopause. The cleaning of the person may be appointed after an examination by a physician.

skin care after cleaning

It is not just once or twice to visit a beautician, to forget the question. The skin of the face after cleaning the face requires special care, in particular for the mechanics of the procedure.

Let's see how you must take care of yourself after a visit to a beauty salon.

That represents the service

For information on how to organize care after washing the face, you have to imagine the nature of the procedure.

It is divided into 2 types:

  • Manual.
  • Conducted with the help of LINKS.

Manual may be independent of the procedure, and may be preceded by ultrasound. Therefore, the beautician puts up with severe rashes on the skin.

During the mechanical cleaning, first performs a processing, washes and disinfectants, and then beautician razmarivaet the skin to ensure the best results. If the skin is very sensitive, has rosacea, the decoupling do not use – instead of the effect of the cold.

Then the doctor, using special tools (it is, perhaps, a spoon Uno or a needle, Vidal), removes everything that is visible acne, after which treats the skin in moisturizing agents and other means. A skin care after cleansing the face – the use of a device. The electric pulses can accelerate the lymphatic circulation and the bloodstream, causing the epidermis regenerates quickly.

The procedure of ultrasonic cleaning of the person is carried out using ultrasound and looks like a classic chemical peels produced by the effect. Before application, it is applied to a gel and after the beautician may impose special soothing mask.

Face care after the mechanical cleaning of the person

Care of the skin after the mechanical cleaning is required. The reason is simple: after paying the cleaning face of the upper layer of the skin is a bit inflamed, therefore, the access open to infections. The risk of infection in the lounge is minimal, if the analyst uses disposable or well-worked, tools. To be sure, subscribe to the procedure and in the living room that has a good reputation and many positive comments.

The care after cleaning face in the living room, when a client goes home, boils down to a number of simple rules, including the strict observance of hygiene.

The first time after that you are gone to the beautician, you may experience redness and swelling. For the first two days, this is normal. This period is necessary to wash with clear water, wipe the face with an infusion of chamomile or any other herb, has the anti-inflammatory effect.

One of the consequences of the procedure – the increase in the excretion from the sebaceous. Not worth to be afraid of this: the reason lies in the fact that the beautician removed the tube, obstructing the free flow of the sebaceous glands. Therefore, in the first few days are sometimes the customers noticed a better smoothness of the skin. The surplus of a lesion need to tidy up, rubbing his face wet decoctions of herbs cotton disks.

You can in the process of care of the skin using a tonic without alcohol.

the cleaning procedure

If the second or third day, you will have noticed the peeling, no need to worry: it will soon pass. Clears the face and no action does not apply.

Sometimes occur sudden eruptions of new pimples after cleaning. In this case, the face care after cleaning of the beautician includes the rubbing from time to time of freezing "problem areas". The skin is self-cleaning, that is why it is necessary to wait a little. Soon the process of the excretion from the sebaceous need to be standardized.

The first night-two desirable to use cosmetics. Even just painting the eyelashes should not be: any irritation now useless.

This is still desirable? The list is not so great:

  • Do not use the sauna and the steam room.
  • Do not walk in the solarium.
  • Do not sunbathe in the sun.

Literate the face care includes use of sunscreen. If in the street the sun – it is best to take the cream with the factor of 30. If the morning adapts to the needs and 10.

Care after the ultrasonic cleaning of the person

In the case where only applies to ultrasound-procedure, care of the face after ouse, the cleaning will be much easier. A beautician can advise you to enjoy a few days of the cream. Necessarily the implementation of the quality of the sunscreens in the sun.

The after care cleansing the face in this case, will be the cancellation of sessions at the swimming pool, the solarium, go to the beach.

General recommendations

Take care of face after cleaning with animal masks. In the early days their best not to do it, but a little later, you can – if the epidermis will be more quickly.

The animal masks? In the first place those which relieve inflammation and swelling. It includes a mask base:

  • Clay.
  • And raw potatoes.
  • Oats.
  • Honey.

A mask house to prepare and apply at the same time, we cannot store them. Particularly effective are those in the kitchen who served as clay cosmetic, and is not so important, that you take the clay: blue, green, black, or pink. For the oily skin is often advisable to use the blue and the black, and white, but all variants are also able to deal with rashes, acne, irritation. It is more a matter of taste.

The cases in which the healing process of the skin can last? First of all, it is the presence of communicable diseases, and fungal infections of the skin, as well as the aggravation of the herpes virus during the period of cleaning. Secondly, it is the disregard for the rules of skin care. The penetration of pathogens in the wound can become the cause of the increase of the inflammation. In this case, it is recommended to apply the powder "Baneuoqin". They sprinkle the problem areas of every day, until the disappearance of the swelling and the pain.

The procedure of cleaning of the face, rarely leads to complications. If it is carried out properly, if beautician specialist in high-end, and the client is strictly complied with all the data, make recommendations, and then after a few days, the result will not wait. The skin becomes more smooth, smooth, smooth. The pores of remove on the face will not be significantly blackheads and congestion.

To achieve a perfect result can be, and 2-3 of the procedure. If the problem reappears, if the effect is short-term, it is worth an examination. May-be, of many eruptions on the skin – the results latent of the leakage of some diseases. In this case, the visits to the beautician is not sufficient: it is necessary to be patient and make the treatment of the underlying disease.

Says does not apply to pregnant women: rash, often disappears after childbirth. Therefore, may-be not to get involved in the cleaning of the face, although the contra-indications. After the birth of the child, hormonal balance will be restored, and the face will be clean.

skin care

The cleaning of the person – an effective procedure in the absence of serious problems with the internal organs and systems. And for faster rebound, follow the recommendations of the beautician, facial treatments. Soon you will see the result.