Face care after 30 years: cabin, home, beauty recipes

Three decades abroad, many women are quite difficult. Despite his youth, this seems to be continuing, have already felt the first signs of dieback. Someone leather holds "well played" to the last, while retaining the freshness and elasticity. However, most of the members of the fairer sex begins to suffer the changes of age and complex. For catastrophic need of a good face care after 30, which is able to offer every young person the young woman, part of taking care of their appearance. For this, it is necessary to come to be very responsible for the 40-year-old not to look 50.

face care after 30

Changes in the skin, after 30 years

It should be understood that changes in the skin, after 30 years, are all different. Despite this, they are inevitable. Someone who will have to deal with them already 32, and some of them are only 40 years old. One way or another, but their appearance is possible of delay, if do good, and care of the face regular, after 30 years, which can include both the cab of the methodology and procedures and the application of various tools at the house. But the enemy must know in person, so that all of the changes that occur at this age the skin, must be known to you.

  • The synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers in the cells gradually slowed down, as they form the connective tissue, responsible for the restoration, preserve the firmness (elasticity) of the skin.
  • The balance of the water begins to be shaken: the precious moisture while large quantities evaporates from cells. Starts a slow, but sure, the dehydration and the straining of the epidermis.
  • The regeneration process of damaged cells are slowed down. The result — the skin loses its tone, becomes dull and appears tight.
  • Loses sharpness, spreads the contours of the face.
  • This is after 30 years of age, appear wrinkles in the area of the nasogenial folds, in the corners of the mouth and the eyes.
  • More and more often in the morning, a 30-year old woman is forced to look in the mirror for swelling, bags and dark circles under the eyes.
  • The color of the person deteriorates, earthy dull grey, heterogeneous. Particularly this manifests itself, if a woman smokes or abuses alcohol.
  • Formed persistent brown spots and freckles.

All of these changes related to the ageing of spoil the mood and cause them to wonder about his age and appearance. Provide a man of letters, in a timely manner, the care of the skin of the face after 30 is a priority, it is still not too late. Normal daily humidification is not enough. Will need to apply the tools and organize the procedures that will be able to support the youth and delay the aging process. All this can not be truly a rejuvenation: to him quite simply, it is still too early to tell at this age. Many would be correct to call such a care of the conservation and renewal of youth.


If, looking in the mirror in 30 years, you will not look at any age modification described above, to relax still not worth it. Beauticians claim that, in such cases, the aging comes suddenly and unexpectedly. So, take care to care for your skin after 30 years, even if it is in perfect condition. Remember: this is not forever.

Face care after 30 years in the living room

30 years this is the age where a not of shame has already seek professional help in a beauty salon. If you care about the renewal and the maintenance of youth and the freshness of her skin, a visit to the beautician. After review, you will advise a set of procedures aimed at improving the state of the epidermis. Regular cabin care of the face is to a woman of this age is much younger than his age. What recommendations can give you a professional?

care of the face
  1. Cleaning your face after 30 years, ensures the freshness of the skin, contributes to prosperous with the collection of its other rejuvenating treatments. In the cabin can offer the hand of cleaning equipment. If not for financial constraints, it is better to give preference ultrasound equipment: it provides the skin with gentle care, causes less side effects, exercises a tonic action. The recovery period after it is only 1-2 days. Beautician itself will prescribe treatments. Normally it is 1 to 2 times per month.
  2. Peeling of the face , after 30 years, is simply indispensable: it rids the skin of dirt, of the secretory tubes, the first "tired" layer of dead cells. Skin area care peeling is easier to "breathe", it is preferable that collects masks, creams and other care products. At this age, in the cabin can provide a chemical peel treatment. It traumatic, but nice and smooth the first wrinkles.
  3. The mesotherapy of the face involves the introduction of active substances with the aid of a needle under the skin. In 30 years, the scandal of the solutions with vitamins and antioxidants the compositions in small amounts, to maintain the youthfulness of the skin and strengthen the oval of the face.
  4. Biorevitalization face looks like essentially the msothrapeutique, but completely different content. The more often in women after the age of 30 in some areas of the person introduced a solution of the famous hyaluronic acid: this may be the folds of naso-labial folds, the area around the lips, corners of the eyes, the chin, etc Hyaluronic acid is organically built into the structure of the skin, fills voids, wrinkles, maintains the elasticity, retains moisture — provides the necessary care.
  5. Individual cosmetics has a very high efficiency. It focuses on specific problems, which you want to get rid of. A beautician experienced will choose exclusive of the composition and may even create for you a natural lotion, cream, serum, mask, which can be used to preserve the youthfulness of the face to the house.

Interior of skin care, after the age of 30, is of a great effectiveness. The professionalism of the beauticians and innovative technologies in this field, you can hide the first ages of changes in the skin. This gives the woman self-confidence, and avoids unnecessary complex, contributes to an objective assessment of his appearance. However, not all to look forward to in a beauty shop, discovering in the mirror pesky wrinkles. A person does not have extra money on the procedure, someone who values each time its time, well, some are accustomed to only trust yourself. What to do in these cases?

On the note

Even if you have a lack of time or money on professional facial care once you have turned 30 years of age, use all your reserves of energy and finance, for a time, but the visit to the beautician. It will focus on the main problems of your skin and will point you in the right direction, then you will already be able to move around.

Home care face after 30 years

Skin care of the face after 30 years in the home involves two pathways. First of all, the active use of store locations to fund: creams, tonics, lotions, scrubs, etc secondly, the preparation of these own funds in the hands of those products that are in your kitchen, at the beautician or a medicine cabinet. If the good skin cosmetics especially for this age and master the art of the house of cosmetology, recipes, age-related changes in the near future are unlikely to bother you.

a beautiful facial skin
  1. The face massage — the base of the house of skin care after 30 years. It offers active the blood flow to the superficial layers of the epidermis, ensuring good nutrition of the cells. It enriches the oxygen and nutrients, resulting in cells more quickly restored and updated. If you want to, this effect can be reinforced contrast of a massage using ice cubes, to which it is recommended to clean the discoloration on the skin. It tones, refreshes, improves complexion, improves the protective properties of the epidermis.
  2. Soft Peeling, properly executed in the home, it is safer than a cabin. It does not hurt the skin, it is recommended to do so after 30 years, twice a week. You can use the menus for the scrubs, or shredded oats, candied honey, coffee, kernels, etc
  3. A mask house , after 30 years, are able to do miracles in the context of the anti care. First of all, they are natural, and therefore quite safe and effective. Secondly, save the finance. Thirdly, their great diversity makes it possible to choose a tool that suits your skin type and your problem.

In a care home for the skin of the face after the age of 30 also includes clean and tidy and very competent in the use of decorative cosmetics. It must be of quality, that is to say, it does not skimp at this age. And don't forget to remove it for the night, otherwise the clogging of the pores and tubes of not to avoid. And this will speed up the aging process by several times. Of all the domestic procedures and means of paying particular attention to the scrubs and masks.

It all seriously!

Think that masks are ineffective, but take a lot of time, energy and products? Worth trying at least once to take care of your delicate skin domestic, a mask or a scrub, and on the problems of his age of 30 years surely you have forgotten. In fact, now you're going to use permanently.

The house of the masks and scrubs after 30

The primary function domestic, masks and scrubs, designed for skin care after 30 years, the freshness, hydration, toning and rejuvenation. About the effect of lifting at this age thinking is still too early, is very lightweight and is not as pronounced. Not to get lost in the diversity of the recipes, you can take advantage of our.

  • Mask anti-age

Cut a few fleshy leaves of the lower face of the aloe. Two weeks of resist in the refrigerator, wrapped in gauze. After that, peel the skin, extract the pulp. Mix (1 tablespoon) with warm olive oil (the same amount). This mask moisturizes perfectly the skin of the face after 30 years, promotes the regeneration of cells. Time of action — 15 to 30 minutes.

  • A nourishing mask

Transform the pulp of mashed banana, mix (1 tablespoon), oatmeal (same amount), add the egg yolk, warm honey (1 tea spoon). Until the desired consistency is divorce hot olive oil. This type of mask improves complexion, eliminates signs of fatigue, makes wrinkles less visible. The duration of the half — hour.

  • Pullup mask

In equal quantities, mix the drugstore glycerin, honey and oatmeal. With the help of a mask, you can quickly and give the contours of the face contours. The duration is 20 minutes.

  • Coffee scrub with fresh cream

Used coffee grounds mix with the cream in equal proportions. Apply on skin and massage for 5-7 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

mask for the face

Normal, in-home care in the face after 30 is available to every womanwho thinks is not only about your current state of the skin, but also of what awaits him at the end of 10 years. To warn the total of the age-related changes in the shape of a drooping eyelids and wrinkles, you need to regularly and properly take care of the person. Of the minimum set of natural means, combined with daily activities of a 10-minute procedures will provide the skin and beauty for years to come. You only need the time to think, and 30 years is the most appropriate time to do it.