The 12 best vitamins for the youthfulness of the skin of the face in the food, drugs and cosmetics

We all know that vitamins are very useful. But how did they need for the skin? Experts believe that without vitamins, just updated the epithelium, the skin becomes dry, rough, the person becomes grey. The face is aging rapidly, the shortage of water and protein, which give cover of elasticity of collagen and elastin. This article discusses the best vitamins for the skin of the face.


What are the vitamins essential for the beauty

Each vitamin accepts the fate in the biochemical reactions of the exchange of substances in the composition of certain coenzymes. Therefore, and the influence of each of them will be different. Vitamins for the beauty of the skin of the face are chosen on the basis of your problem. How do they work, can be seen in the following tables.

Fat-soluble vitamins

The name of The symptoms of deficiency The mechanism of action
A (retinol) The skin from drying out, flaking, wrinkles appear. Decreases the skin immunity, may appear of pustules. Involved in the metabolism of proteins, contributes to the maintenance level of the skin and immune cells. The best remedy for the skin, improves its condition and color.
E (tocopherol) Dry skin, thickened by the increase of the layer of dead cells. Inhibits the toxic action of free radicals (antioxidant effect), regulates the hormonal functioning of the background, supports immunity of the skin.
Information The rapid aging. Regulates the multiplication () and specialization (differentiation of cells). Maintains the elasticity of the muscles of the face.
K1 (phylloquinone) Redness and swelling, the appearance of blemishes. Improves the blood circulation.

The water-soluble vitamins

The name of The symptoms of deficiency The mechanism of action
B1 (thiamine) The rapid aging, loss of firmness and elasticity. Regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, removes the destruction of collagen and elastin, hydrates of carbon.
B2 (riboflavin) The dry, cracked lips in the corners appear to eat. Involved in the metabolism of the skin cells.
B3 (PP, niacin, nicotinic acid) Age spots, dryness and flaking of the skin. Regulates the synthesis of hormones and enzymes. Vitamin to improve the color of the person.
B5 (pantothenic acid) The premature aging. Activates the metabolism in cells, improves the complexion.
B6 (pyridoxine) Acne, seborrheic dermatitis. Regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and the formation of prostaglandins, improve blood circulation.
B7 (biotin) Acne, reduces the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Normalizes the action of the sebaceous glands. Participates in the formation of collagen
B9 (folic acid) The premature aging. Activates the process of regeneration of skin cells, eliminating irritation.
P (rutin) c (ascorbic acid) The drought, the rapid aging. Improve the blood circulation of the skin, inhibit the destruction of hyaluronic acid, magnetic water. Antioxidants.

The organization must receive constantly vitamins. The deficit of almost any of them can have an impact on the state of the whole body including on the skin condition. What vitamins for the skin of the face is necessary when various violations, it is necessary to consult a beautician.

The quickest way of replenishment, the pills

Synthetic vitamin supplements can very quickly eliminate deficiencies in vitamins. They are available in the ile of medicines and food supplements – food supplements in the form of tablets, capsules, sachets, solutions, and oral, injectable ampoule under different names.

Synthetic drug overdose to this topic. Therefore, lasting and uncontrollable for the take non. All the more dangerous to the long-term use in the form of injection.

The general rules of taking vitamins

When taking vitamin supplements, it is necessary to observe some rules:

  1. If they are for the correction of a skin defect, complex is better to choose individually. Therefore, before you buy drugs should consult with your beautician. For the prophylactic administration agree well established for vitamins and minerals complex.
  2. You can't take vitamins continuously and uncontrollably, it is sometimes leads to overdose and hypervitaminosis.
  3. Not necessarily need to follow the manufacturer's recommendations on the admission of the drug. The poor reception (before the meal or after it) may reduce to nil all the treatments: the substances simply can not digest. General rule: the fat-soluble vitamins are updated during or after a meal, soluble in the water – half an hour before meals.
  4. Talk to your doctor, you can add chains of pharmacies vitamins (liquid contents of ampoules or capsules) in the cream (the fat soluble A, E, D, k) or just apply on the face (soluble in water).
vitamins for the skin types

Each skin type its approach

Each vitamin participates in some of the biochemical reactions that lead to results. Therefore, to solve specific problems and require different supplements that of means.

The better before the reception to see a dermatologist-cosmetologist. For different types of skin require different vitamins.

For dry facial skin

The drought may be linked to hereditary traits, lack of vitamins in the diet or with defects of care. In all these cases, it is necessary to take vitamins A, E, c and b group:

  • retinol-promotes hydration and regeneration of skin cells, improves the complexion;
  • tocopherol retrieves the hormones, with the at protects the cells from destruction of free radicals,
  • the vitamins of the group – the energy, provide energy for metabolism.

What does it do for that skin became young and in good health, ceased to take off:

  • retinol and of tocopherol, which you can add to a day and night cream;
  • to eat more butter, the liver, the yolks of eggs, salad, carrots, seasoned with oil;
  • of the synthetic preparations of vitamin you can take Aevit and complex with vitamins S.

For the skin of the face fat

Increase in adiposity is a consequence of the violations of metabolic processes and the secretion of large quantities of oil changed the chemical composition. Often, this happens on a background of hormonal disorders. Standardize these processes in vitamins A, E, c, B2, B6.

Eliminate violations of to help you:

  • the ingestion of a drug Aevit;
  • the consumption of eggs, cheese, salad of carrots and sugar beet, fruits (especially strawberries, black currants), nuts, sunflower seeds;
  • on the face it is necessary to carry applications, with a solution of vitamin B2 in bulbs, and the juice of a lemon diluted with water at a rate of 1 : 3 (other, using each solution per day); the solution is applied on your face, previously cleaned 15 -20 minutes, then wash with water.

For normal skins

In this case, it is only the opportunity to maintain the condition of the skin. For this, you can take vitamins and mineral complexes to the interior of exchange of 1 — 2 times per year.

vitamins from food

Get vitamins from food

If not expressed hypovitaminosis, to fill the deficit of vitamins is quite possible with the aid of a healthy diet. Knowing what vitamins are good for the skin of the face, it is possible to prevent the premature aging, the appearance of the acne and peeling. For the correction has been effective, is worth to visit a dermatologist and beauty to clarify what are the necessary vitamins for the skin of your face, no substance is not enough. After that, compose a menu, and constantly to observe them. It is very simple, because the substances contained in the various products:

  • And in the liver of animals, the butter, the egg yolks; beta-carotene (provitamin A, is transformed into retinol in the intestine) is contained in plant foods: carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, plum, red, sweet pepper, grapefruit, blackcurrant, peaches, apricots, melon, khaki;
  • E in vegetable oils, seeds, nuts;
  • B1 – bread, bran, beer yeast, crude rice, and oats, legumes, nuts, seeds;
  • B2 – in the lean meat, fish, eggs, cheese, buckwheat, oats;
  • B3 – in nuts, sunflower seeds, white mushrooms, legumes, cereals (oats, corn crupet), potatoes, cabbage, beef, chicken, liver, eggs, fish red;
  • B5 – in the yolks of eggs, dairy products, fish, seafood, cereals, legumes;
  • B6 – in the liver, bran, yolks of eggs, unprocessed cereals, nuts, milk, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes;
  • B7 – egg yolks, liver, legumes, nuts, black bread;
  • B9 – in the liver, legumes, potagre. total greens, wheat flour;
  • With – in citrus fruits, blackcurrants, all types of berries, conditaneus cabbage, rose hips;
  • R – in the green tea, aronia, cherries, raspberries, garlic, tomatoes, the Bulgarian pepper.

Cosmetics with vitamins to improve the skin of the face

The vitamins are almost all creams, gels, sera, etc, After the application of the creams and masks they are delivered into the cells of the skin, promote metabolism. But sometimes, the vitamins have a and action, greatly improving the condition of the skin. Thus, the healing of the call the make-up, consisting of retinoids derived from retinol. Also available in cosmetics with vitamins c, B3, B5, et al, Here are a few titles:

Cosmetics with retinoids

A cream with retinoids, with an overwhelming development of acne by the action and the reference of the skin. Removes age spots, makes the skin clean, restores the youth through the revitalization of the metabolism, cell renewal and the stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

The cream has a side effect: may cause irritation. Therefore, apply it, should be strictly in accordance with the regulations.

Cosmetics with ascorbic acid

The cream with the at in its active form, which expressed the rejuvenation of the action. Also contains tocopherol and hyaluronic acid. Actively moisturizes and rejuvenates. Applied on cleansed skin once a day.

The makeup of the niacinamide

Cosmetics with vitamin B3 (niacinamide) removes age spots, rosacea (the surface mesh of the blood vessels), acne, and the rest after the healing, reduces the secretion of sebum, moisturizes and rejuvenates. Applied on cleansed skin once a day.

Cosmetics with pantothenic acid

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) promotes the regeneration of skin, restores its color, flexibility, elasticity, eliminates small wrinkles. The gel is slightly firmer skin, while eliminating any feeling of tightness, refreshes the complexion. Before applying the gel it takes a bit to warm up the fingers.

the masks

The masks

Masks with vitamins for the youth and the beauty of the skin, you can make at home, using products. Particularly useful are the products, such as cheese, cream, dairy products, eggs, etc, Before you apply on the face mask of the skin to clean. The condition of the skin after a course of domestic procedures to significantly improve.

Activating vitamins mask for oily skin

Ingredients: 20 g of grated cheese, a protein of an egg (beat), 10 drops of lemon juice and 1 ml of the solution of the vitamin B6 from the bulb. The paste apply on the face (free remain only a website around the eyes) to a quarter of an hour, then wash. The procedure is performed 2 to 3 times per week for a month. The improvement will be significantly after the first sessions: the face is gradually becomes clear and beautiful.

Activating vitamins mask for dry skin

Ingredients: 20 g welded on the oat milk, add the egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey and the contents of two capsules Aevit. Apply the mixture on for 20 minutes on the face, leaving free the area around the eyes, after which wash. Make 2 sessions per week for 1.5 months. After Aevit the skin is soft, beautiful, young.

Activating vitamins mask for normal skin

Ingredients: a few strawberries (to stretch the range), 5 g honey, 5 ml of cucumber juice. The mixture to impose on the handkerchief and cover with it the face for 15 minutes, then rinse with water. The procedure is done twice a week for a month.

Activating vitamins mask for the skin aging

Ingredients: 20 cl of cream, 1 egg yolk 5 g of honey and a little flour of rye. Bring the mixture to the consistency of thick cream, add 1 ml of tocopherol ampoules of 5 ml of olive oil. Apply on the face, without affecting the areas around your eyes for 20 minutes, then rinse. The procedure is done once in three days throughout 1.5 – 2 months. The improvement will be obviously not before a period of three weeks: the person, smoothed away the fine lines.

Activating vitamins mask for the skin around the eyes

Ingredients: 5 ml of glycerin add the contents of 2 capsules of vitamin E, mix and apply on the areas around your eyes for 20 minutes. Remove the remains of the mask of the towel. After such a mask, the under eye circles fade away.

The skin of the face needs vitamin supplements, especially if you encounter problems such as dryness, premature aging, wrinkles, or excessive adiposity, and acne. Properly selected after consulting a dermatologist-beautician vitamins useful in the form of food, vitamins and minerals complex and cosmetic fixes these problems.