How to rejuvenate facial skin at home

The appearance of expression lines, outstanding the age of mature women – a process as natural and inevitable. Prevent them impossible, but there are many ways to slow down the aging of the skin.

Among modern women, who do not wish to put up with premature onset of old age, there is a possibility of choice: they can do so using a wide range of cosmetic products, recipes popular in the cosmetic, of the gymnastics of the face, as well as the procedures of the cosmtologie, perform currently available and in house conditions.

How to rejuvenate the face at home

There is a firm conviction that the rejuvenation of the face – a process that requires large hardware expenditures and the same amount of time. This belief is only valid in the case where it comes to visit the beauty salons or the payment of professional services.

If skin rejuvenation at home, it is easy to confirm the opposite: the components of domestic, scrubs, and masks are available and inexpensive, and the duration of the procedures is not so great. Similarly, you can at any time.


So, what are the animals of the means of facial rejuvenation, there are today beauties?

  • The execution of masks, peels and scrubs, the composition of which is home made. Masks help to smooth already available shallow wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new, and improve the contours of the face, tightening the skin. Scrubs and peelings to facilitate the exfoliation of epithelial cells died, significantly speeds up the update process of the epidermal layers.
  • With the help of contrast herbal compresses can be ideal for cleaning the skin, turning it has lost the freshness and the glow.
  • Self-massage of the face, contribute to the improvement of the lady and of the circulation, provide the skin cells with additional nutrients, will produce a lifting effect and help you to get rid of the swelling, the wrinkles, the fleet, and deep skin wrinkles. In other words, massage is an excellent way of achieving the age of the correction of the oval of the face.
  • Rub the face, diced cosmetic ice unique, rejuvenating the procedure, with almost instant effect.
  • The house of the sessions of microcurrent therapy, performed using the cd home of the device, capable of slow down the formation of wrinkles by improving the skin tone, reduce the swelling of tissues and adjust the face oval.

In the pursuit of youth and beauty, all means are good! It is therefore, people think a lot of women, in the face of disappointing signs of aging on your face.


The main advantages of the use of popular recipes of beauty are the following points:

  • The availability of the components entering into their composition: they are typically the kitchen and the pharmacy.
  • The good market of the products used is not comparable with the cost of loans for cosmetic products.
  • To prepare your potions are used only natural products, containing only useful for the skin of the substance (as opposed to manufacturers of cosmetics, preservatives, dyes).
  • Among women, the self-preparation of the composition, there is the possibility to choose exactly the recipe that is ideal for his body, and gives the possibility to avoid unwanted allergic response.
  • Perform anti-aging treatments can be in the moment when it is particularly necessary and practical.

Skin care

In the body of a woman, over the age of 13, run the mechanisms of skin aging: the production of hyaluronic acid begins to decrease steadily, losing the moisture of the skin is also in the process of losing and the subcutaneous fat. Following his surface, you get a lightweight mesh of wrinkles.

Slow down the speed of this process will help you daily complex of caregivers using procedures tonics and moisturizers.

  • The washing procedure, with which it is appropriate to begin each morning, is designed to cleanse the skin and prepare it to receive the make-up. Normal water from the tap, which contains bleach, it is not appropriate. The owners of dry skin is better to use a cleansing milk or lotion. The ideal solution for washing the girls with a normal skin or oily, is sleet or snow, or mineral (without gas) of the water. In the absence of the latter, you can take advantage of the pre-filtered boiled water.
  • For the toning of the skin, you can take advantage of the tonic, have chosen to your skin type or a lotion home. To rid the face of the shine, simply clean low is green tea with a drop of lemon juice. Before applying the cream is useful to clean the face of ice, prepared from a decoction of herbs, or berry juice. After this manipulation increase the tone of the skin and the pores narrowed.
  • The moisturizer must be chosen not only on the skin type, but in function of the age. In the spring and summer, before you leave home it is advisable to use a cream with UV filters, protects the skin from the dry rays of the sun.
  • To moisturize the skin throughout the day sbryzgivat its or thermal, or non-carbonated mineral water.
  • In the evening of facials and need a little more time. First of all, you must still file the face of the remnants of makeup. Most often do so using a gel or foam for washing. Thirty years of beauties, you can use a water that does not contain alcohol, it does not dry up the skin.
  • For an in-depth cleaning of the skin, you should regularly carry out the peeling, using that store-bought, and the house of scrubs. Thanks to this procedure, the skin is not only get rid of the particles of the skin, but gets extra tone thanks to a better blood circulation. After you have peeled the surface of the skin is immediately smoothed, the skin starts to shine. Oily skin needs exfoliation at least twice a week, dry, no more than twice a month. The efficiency of exfoliation can be significantly reinforced, pre-steam the skin.
  • After the procedure of removing the makeup on the face, it is necessary to apply or a night cream or a special oil. If the skin becomes inflamed or the buttons, you can use the tool containing salicylic acid.


The most simple, affordable and because the most popular method of facial rejuvenation is the performance of the masks. Before their execution, the face should be well-steamed (it strengthens the anti-aging effect).

Prepare in a pot of nettle or chamomile and adding in the broth a few drops of essential oil (for normal skin type appropriate to the geranium oil, fat – camphor oil, shea butter), lean over it, covering the head with a towel. The length of the vapeurAnija – not more than a quarter of an hour. To avoid burns, should not be too low to tilt the head.

the result
  • By taking half a cup a little warm milk, add as much flour, to get a smetanoobraznaja weight. Driving a yellow egg and having thoroughly mixed the substance, bear on the face previously cleaned. At the end of twenty minutes, the mask is washed with water in which has been added some lemon juice.
  • The owners of very dry skin, for guests who wish to get rid of wrinkles shallow, just bake the potatoes the mask. Bake a pair of large potatoes, immediately knead until puree state and in the form of heat is applied to the skin of the face. After 20 minutes, wash warm water.
  • An excellent tonic effect, helps to smooth wrinkles, has a mask of medicinal plants. First of all make the collection of herbal leaves of wild strawberry, plantain, yarrow, blackcurrant and lime, taken in equal proportion. Eight dessert spoons, soup cooked first pour such a quantity of boiling water to obtain a viscous porridge. After application of the medication on the quarter of an hour is applied to the skin of the neck and face. To remove the use of the cold water.
  • Effectively smooth the skin, performing a gentle peeling action, will help the mask of ripe quince. Rubbed on a small grater, it is applied on the cleansed skin of the face. After twenty minutes of the impact of fruit the pulp is washed with warm water, and on the face are a bit of moisturizer.
  • Toning, exposure to the composition, prepared from a tablespoon of yeast and the mixture of hot milk, honey and linseed oil, taken from a small spoon.
  • For the anti-wrinkle, you can make a mask from a tablespoon of fresh cream and a mixture of lemon juice and honey (and take their need to a teaspoon).


Prolong the youthfulness of the person by using rejuvenating massage. The effect of it will be visible far away at the same time: depending on the state in which was the skin may need 15 to 30 sessions performed at least three times per week.

  • To perform a massage, you need to remove in a quiet environment, by opting for this period, which precedes the night's rest for the skin of the face was able to rest after the procedure.
  • The posture of a woman engaged in the execution of the self-massage, should be easy, which is why it can be installed on a bed or in a chair, putting it in front of a large mirror to examine the face, neck and shoulders.
  • Wearing on the head of a bezel or an elastic bandage, it is necessary to remove the hair from his forehead, perform a cleansing and an exfoliation facial.
  • On by a person wearing a massage oil or a rich cream: it is necessary to make a slight slip of the finger on the surface of the skin (this helps to avoid stretching and even injury).
the mask for rejuvenation

Start the session with the massage of the neck, gently smoothing his movements directed upward. In particular, work at the bottom of the education area "fleet" – phase at the junction of the chin and neck.

Going to the cheeks, sweeping movements of the palms of the hands, such as iron, to smooth the skin. Then, the impact is linear: gently on the skin, pass the fingers of diagonal lines, aimed at the center of the cheeks towards the temples.

With a extreme intensity equate the folds of naso-labial folds, and here is the area around the eyes should be massaged with extreme caution.

Stroking the skin in these places and exercise the weaker – anonymous – fingers.
The skin on the front first, treating it as an iron movements of the palms of the hands, after which go to the line and the movements of the fingers, aiming from the eyebrow line to the border of hair. Massage of the nose, with movement of the thumb of the most of the point-to-point between the eyebrows, has a place in the last round.

The main condition of rejuvenate massage: attention to each area of the face, because the rejuvenation is just impossible.

Gymnastic exercises for the face

The exercises for the face, often called facebuilding, come to the aid of women, not having the opportunity to attend expensive beauty, and buy expensive makeup, in order to preserve his youth and beauty.
The effectiveness of the anti-aging of gymnastics is so high that sound is often called non-surgical lifting of the face. Without going into lengthy arguments, we describe the main exercises complex, designed for the different muscles and areas of the face.

  1. Exercise to strengthen the muscles. Slowly, as if pronouncing the sound "o", pull the lips. After having reached a maximum the tautly of the lips, expand. When you first run limited to two attempts. With each day that add a repetition.
  2. Exercise for eyes n ° 1. Close your eyes, keep the head still. Follow the ten rounds eyes first clockwise, and then in the opposite direction. Exercise for eyes n ° 2. Closing his eyes, the smile make the biggest. After that, pretend you are "the mask of sorrow", the maximum bottom lowering the corners of the lips. The alternation of a smile, and a mask should be repeated at least five times.
  3. Exercise to strengthen the chin. Pull the chin forward, simultaneously, the bells in the mouth and pressing the teeth of the lower lip, with an effort, moving the jaw left and right. Do five repetitions.
  4. The exercise of wrinkles on the forehead. Firmly tighten the forehead, the palms in this manner, so that they close completely: up to the border of the hair. Close your eyes and, without straining the eyelids, rotate the eyeballs clockwise and against it (five times in each direction).
  5. The exercise helps to improve the oval of the face and get rid of the "fleet". Inflating the cheeks, count to five, and very slowly bleed the air. Follow the on not less than ten repetitions.
  6. The exercise of wrinkles. Maximum tilt the head back. Release the muscles of the neck, open wide. By making the effort considerable, for the chin and neck muscles, slowly lift the jaw. The sign at the termination of this movement is the time, when the substance on the upper lip. Repeat five times.
    Before you run a anti-aging the gym it is important to clean up the facial skin. Exercise is necessary to make, sitting in front of the mirror (on a chair or on the ball for gymnastics). When you have completed the gym, even cleaning the face, because the exercises stimulate the influx of lymphatic fluid, causing the secretion of sweat and can be accompanied by blocked pores.

Using oils

The natural oils which help resist the action of free radicals (generated in the pidermes to the result of the influence of ultraviolet light), apply to the house of the cosmetology, health, food, moisturize and purify the skin.

For a rejuvenation of the face is the most often used of the oil, prepared with fishing and grape-seed, jojoba, olive, peach, wheat germ and sea buckthorn.

applying a mask